IT University of Copenhagen, Autumn 2018

For this course, I created 3 transmedial works. Each work is vehicled by a different medium but recounts events and happenings within the same story world (examples of transmedial storytelling: Batman’s comics, movies and cartoons; Harry Potter’s movies, books, theatre play and games).

The Story

“This happens in the queendom of Denmark, the royal city of Copenhagen. You may not expect beautiful little Denmark to be a dangerous place, but the truth is that any place can be visited by the horrors described in this tale. In Denmark people lived charmed, protected lives, with the entire system set up to care for them from cradle to grave. There was no hunger, no crime, no illness that was not cured. People were beautiful and healthy, conscientious citizens working diligently for the good of society. Why then, would anybody try to ruin this perfect utopia? There were those who would remove their Everwatches, dropping them in strange locations, so IRMA, the Intelligent Resource Management Agent, was unable to aid them. This would leave them vulnerable to changes in their hormonal state, making them victims to their hormones. Without IRMA’s beneficial eye watching them, she could also not warn them of approaching disaster, crime, illness, weather. Without Everwatches, humans would get no warnings about the states of their bodies or environment, and would have to depend on their own, flawed sensory systems. To help these poor delusional humans, IRMA developed other carriers for her abilities, so she could keep control of the environment and its inhabitants, keeping the population of Denmark happy forever.”

My character

Aurora, High Priestess of Hygge (member of IRMA). She ensures people’s wellbeing by posting social media pictures of hygge moments.

In Work 1, she releases an interview to an online magazine. This work is supposed to introduce the character and the story world: IRMA and their members have taken control over the mass media, and Aurora’s job is to convey an image of perfection and beauty through social media posts, encouraging the citizens to never be unhappy, angry and frustrated “thanks” to hygge.

WORK 1 – IRMAgazine interview to my character, Aurora
Chosen medium: online magazine, written text

In Work 2, I show my character’s strategy to keep people under control. Through Jackie, a voice modifier software, Aurora creates an audioguide for a museum’s new art exhibition. Aurora is also the creator of the paintings and pictures exposed, so she exploits the software to make comments on her own works. By listening to the audioguide and scrolling through the PDF brochure, the audience will start realising Aurora might have been brainwashed by IRMA, as she was once a rebel who took part in riots against the organization that was taking control of Denmark.

WORK 2 – IRMuseum audioguide and PDF brochure
Chosen media: audio + images

In Work 3, I show the consequences of a violent rebellion that took place at some point in the story world. Several years after the war, the events have become history. As it usually happens, winners tell their version of the story to the masses: IRMA ha apparently managed to resist the attacks and has now released a movie about the past events. The facts are recounted in a way that makes IRMA’s members look like heroes, and the rebels like enemies to fight against. In order to do so, I created a (rough!) movie trailer made by existing movies’ scenes that I cut out and assembled.

WORK 3 – IRMA – The Movie trailer
Chosen medium: video (YouTube)